New Hampshire » Upper Valley/Dartmouth (NH) » Hanover

Trout Brook and Indian Ridge

We started by following the road from Trailhead Lane to the power station, and walked up the hill. However, I think if you go farther up Trailhead Lane there is a proper start to the trail. Either way, it is quite overgrown until you get to the Mink Brook Nature Preseve.

New Hampshire » Upper Valley/Dartmouth (NH) » Hanover

Mink Brook Nature Preserve (Wheelock Trail)

The trail begins just up the road to the left of the small bridge. Gaia GPS thought this route was 1.4 miles rather than 1.0. I think it’s more like 1.0 because the actual route is nowhere near as spiky as the recording shows and definitely doesn’t cross the brook. The trail is mostly flat but narrow, and with lots of rocks and roots to step over.

New Hampshire » Upper Valley/Dartmouth (NH) » Hanover

Hanover Country Club and Pine Park (Girl Brook)

Unfortunately, the golf course is only partially maintained these days.

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Lyme Pinnacle

We bushwhacked at first because we didn’t see the start of the trail on the side of the driveway to the parking lot. This is an easy, smooth hike with a 360° view at the top. The descent along Grumman’s Groove is particularly pretty.

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Trues Ledges