I’m a software developer living in Hanover, NH. This site is intended to catalog my hikes in New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, and a few trips outside of New England. I have a large backlog of photos and GPS tracks, so check back now and then or subscribe to the RSS feed.


All photos are copyrighted by Michael Tsai. You may freely use the photos for personal use, e.g. as desktop pictures/wallpaper. If you would like to reproduce a photo for commercial use, e.g. on your Web site or in a book or brochure, please contact me via e-mail.


The GPS tracks were recorded using an Amod AGL3080 and with MotionX GPS and AllTrails on various iPhones. They were edited with GPX Editor. The photos were processed with Aperture and Lightroom. The code and text were written in BBEdit and MarsEdit. The content is managed using WordPress. The blog is hosted by DreamHost. The photos are hosted by Flickr.