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Mt. Cardigan (West Ridge)

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Glen Falls Brook (Cross Rivendell Trail)

This route starts at the parking lot and ascends the Cross Rivendell Trail towards Echo Mountain. There’s a nice overlook of Lake Morey, then it descends a bit as it head towards the falls. This is a pretty steep trail, and there are some difficult and potentially dangerous sections around the top of the falls. It then descends on a much easier path that follows the brook and ends up across from a tennis court, slightly up the road from the parking lot.

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Colchester Causeway

The nearby Airport Park is another good starting location, with more parking and restrooms. The route continues into Lake Champlain, across the border to New York, and turns around at the Island Line Trail Bike Ferry.

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Wright’s Mountain (Appreciation Way)

The parking lot is always incredibly buggy this time of year, but it gets better as you ascend. The Appreciation Way side trial is slightly rougher than the main trail but leads to a nice view in roughly the same direction as the view from the summit.

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Lower Slade Brook