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David Farr Memorial Park Trails

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It's wonderful you have this one. My husband and I go several times a week. We tried only last week to find a "hook up" to the new Mink Brook Community Forest, but we would have had to cross Mink Brook. Maybe we missed something? We'll use your map!
Beautiful photos and maps. I'm delighted to have found your site with recordings

There’s a bridge to cross Mink Brook by the sign and picnic table at the west edge of the field. I think the west edge of what’s in this recording would easily connect to the new Mink Brook Community Forest. There’s also a place, right after the bridge, where you can go north into the east edge of the MBCF. Or perhaps you’re referring to the section between Mink Brook and Greensboro Road? I’m not sure whether there’s currently a good way to get to that from Farr Field.

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